Hunting for Chalets in Kuwait?


A couple of nights ago a colleague of mine and I were looking for a good chalet to rent during the Eid holidays. I came across two new websites but unfortunately most of the places we called were either too expensive, 500 KD upwards or fully booked for the whole week.

The sites are easy to navigate and have a gallery for each property so that you can get an idea of the available facilities. The contact phone numbers are also listed for each property. The chalet’s descriptions are in Arabic but we got around that by using Google Translate. If you’re using Chrome you can use the built-in translate feature. The best thing about the sites was that each location is also marked on a map so that you can take the coordinates and find your way there easily. Some even have a video presentation!


Good luck finding a chalet for Eid! &

Jet Skiiing – activity

A couple of my friends went jet skiing on Thursday at one of the beaches along Gulf Street. You’ll find a few places along the coast near Kuwait Towers and the 24 hours McDonalds that provide skis rental. The rates are 15 KD for 30 minutes and 25 KD for 1 hour. Unfortunately I couldn’t join them as I’m still recovering from that fucking viral cold.

Every dog has one

They say every dog has its day and judging by the look on this fella’s face I’m guessing every day is his day.  I wonder when I’m gonna get mine 🙂

Shot at Kovalam Beach [link]

Bikini ban in Lebanon

A lot of people from the Middle East travel to Lebanon each summer to beat the heat and enjoy beach life. This piece of news may disappoint some of you 😉

Kovalam Beach

One of my favorite beaches ever. Probably one of the best places to have a chilled Kingfisher Beer 😉

Location: 13 Km from Trivandrum City

Kovalam Beach [link]