Passion for Pizza


I love a good pizza, especially if its baked in a proper oven since it gives the crust a very unique texture. A friend of mine, Nasser Al Sulaihim, is so passionate about the art of pizza making that recently he actually made his own pizza oven. The oven is similar to the one I’d posted about in my Pizza Connection post but while that one was flown in from Italy, Nasser made his own oven himself!

Oven making

I’ve made a collage of the oven in its various stages of design and production and its really impressive. He’s a really talented guy and you can follow him on Instagram to see how good he is at building stuff.


Art supply stores in Dasman Complex

I was helping a colleague pick up a few things for his project when I found out that there’s a whole bunch of stores in Dasman complex that sells almost anything you could ever want for craft projects. I took a quick look around the shop that my colleague was buying his clay from and took some pictures. I also found out that many of these shops do commission work for dioramas or scale models.

For the moment I picked up a large can of Clear Coat (flat) which was a bargain at only 750 fils but next time I intend to buy some precision cutting equipment and brushes. The store we went to was;

Aroma General Trading Co.
Dasman Complex, Sharq
Shop #8,9 Ground Floor
Tel: 22471212