Hunting for Chalets in Kuwait?


A couple of nights ago a colleague of mine and I were looking for a good chalet to rent during the Eid holidays. I came across two new websites but unfortunately most of the places we called were either too expensive, 500 KD upwards or fully booked for the whole week.

The sites are easy to navigate and have a gallery for each property so that you can get an idea of the available facilities. The contact phone numbers are also listed for each property. The chalet’s descriptions are in Arabic but we got around that by using Google Translate. If you’re using Chrome you can use the built-in translate feature. The best thing about the sites was that each location is also marked on a map so that you can take the coordinates and find your way there easily. Some even have a video presentation!


Good luck finding a chalet for Eid! &

Where boats go to die – Doha port

This weekend a friend of mine and I headed out to Doha peninsula to try our luck shooting some of the abandoned boats in that area. Once again we were foiled by less than perfect weather and to overcome this setback I ended up modifying whatever pictures looked acceptable. Its easy to blame the weather for bad photographs 😛

If you’re interested in going there its best to check out the place at sunset, we went there at dawn and there wasn’t anything special. Here’s the GPS coordinates to the area.

N 29.387335
E 47.838421

Stripped bare

Left to die

Sunrise Silhouette



Sunrise at Doha

I made some new friends last week through my photography group and we decided to check out the photo opportunities at Doha this weekend. Its not easy getting up at 5AM on a weekend with such lovely weather but I jumped out of bed and took a cold shower to jolt myself awake.

We headed out to the prime location near Doha port where all the abandoned ships were. Its right infront of the port gates and near the Doha Power Plant. Little did we know that photography was prohibited there. But the surprising thing was this location was frequented by a lot of photographers in the past, including the guy who won the Canon photography contest this year. Take a look at this [link] Anyway.. usual story; Police man comes running up to us, checks our cameras, asks us to delete the photos and then leave the premises. Mother#@%^*!!! Can you believe my luck?? I think I’ll get the record for most warnings given to a photographer. 😀

Our next option was to check out the birds and sea life at the seashore behind Entertainment City so we drove there and spent an hour or so shooting. Atleast the whole morning wasnt wasted.

ps. Too bad you missed it Purple, next time we’ll push you in front of the cops 😉