Pushing myself

Ever feel so frustrated with yourself that you just push yourself to the maximum and don’t give a damn about what happens to you? The past couple of weeks I’d been busy with my new job and tons of research and documentation and I hardly got any time to indulge in my model kits or exercise. Yesterday after a very satisfying lunch I thought ‘ok enough is enough, time to get this lazy ass back on the right track’

I drove to Shuwaikh KNPC KPC area and parked my car right at the very end of the lot and after warming up I started off at a brisk pace towards Sharq. Initially I thought I might be able to jog all the way till Kuwait Towers but as I went ahead I realized that may be too optimistic so I thought I’ll keep going till my legs can’t take it anymore. I had a full bottle of ice cold Gatorade and a playlist with Avial, Apollo 440 and Tron OST and the weather was perfect. It was about 40 degrees in our residential area but at the beach it was probably just about 28 or 30 degrees and there was a constant breeze which made things easier.

I jogged and speed walked all the way till Souk Sharq and I needed to stop at the shops there to fill up on water and that’s when I started to feel the fatigue. I understood that as long as I kept moving my body wouldn’t signal me that I was getting tired but when I stopped at the shop all of a sudden my knees felt weak and my calves started cramping up. It didn’t feel like I could go another inch forwards so I filled up my bottle and walked all the way back to my car. After uploading my run data I was happy to find out that I had broken my previous record of 12 Kms during the Taj Mahal run and also increased my top speed from 13 Kmph to 15 Kmph. Here’s the run data;

2011-08-12 18:57 (End)

From KNPC Shuwaikh to Souk Sharq

Created by My Tracks on Android.

Total Distance: 13.32 km (8.3 mi)
Total Time: 2:08:25
Moving Time: 2:05:20
Average Speed: 6.22 km/h (3.9 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 6.38 km/h (4.0 mi/h)
Max Speed: 15.30 km/h (9.5 mi/h)
Min Elevation: -25 m (-83 ft)
Max Elevation: 15 m (50 ft)
Elevation Gain: 283 m (929 ft)
Max Grade: 16 %
Min Grade: -18 %
Recorded: Fri Aug 12 18:57:09 GMT+03:00 2011
Activity type: jogging

Buying Kettlebells in Kuwait

Iron and Steel

Last week I went by Kuwaiti Sports Center in Hawally to buy my own kettlebells. I don’t know if there are many places that sell these but I went there as I was told that they stock it. Kuwaiti Sports Center is located on Tunis Street right next to Best Electronics.

They didn’t have the weight I wanted which was 16 Kgs but they were available at their sister concern; Canadian Sports Center (talk about an international connection) So I paid for my weights at the first shop, collected my receipt and drove to Bin Khaldoun Street to pick them up. Canadian Sports Center is located in Khaldoun Street opposite Red Tag.

Kuwait Sports Center
Phone: 2636443
Fax: 2648224

What is a Kettlebell? Read this for more info [link]
Kettlebells and weightloss [link]
Kettlebells for explosive strength [link]


Mishref park

Been going to this place the past couple of weeks. Its got a nice running track and there are some exercise spots placed at certain intervals. This photograph below reminds me of the area in Bangalore where I used to live 5 years ago.

Switching drinks – Prostar Whey Protein

I finally managed to finish my stock of Nestle’s Optifast that my dietician had prescribed for me last year and now I’m free to buy a more hardcore protein drink so I opted for Ultimate Nutrition’s Prostar Whey Protein. Since I’m losing weight and cutting down on my heavy workouts I’ve started replacing my dinner with an energy drink. This serves as both my Post-workout drink and dinner.  Here’s two recipes; one from my friend Cajie and the other formulated by yours truly.

Nestle’s Optifast is a low calorie protein drink that I bought from India. Each serving comes in a packet – cost 110 Rs per packet.

Prostar: It comes in a variety of sizes, I bought the medium one with 80 servings. One jar is 19 KD. You can buy it from the nutrition shop opposite Geant in 360 Mall.

Cajie’s formula
1. One Cup Whey Protein (Double Chocolate Flavor)
2. 1 spoon of Peanut Butter
3. A dab of instant coffee
4. 1 Oreo Cookie
5. Ice Cubes
6. A cup of low-fat milk
7. Optional: A dash of flax seed powder

Mathai’s formula
1. One scoop whey protein powder
2. One table spoon flax seed powder
3. One pinch instant coffee
4. One semi-frozen KDD chocolate milk box
5. One digestive biscuit – broken into small bits
6. One ripe chiquita banana (optional, I add the banana sometimes to compensate for less carbs and potassium in my diet)

More info:
Chocolate milk diet [link]
Chiquita bananas [link]

Staying motivated

Its a little difficult to stay motivated in your fitness regimen if you’re not seeing fast results. This happens to the best of us and there are many ways to get inspired.

Real life fitness stories:
I’m not talking about those fake before and after TV ads where a fat guy magically transforms into a Greek god after exercising for only 30 seconds a day for 1 week (makes no sense, does it? :P) There are real people out there who’ve spent years religiously adhering to their workout and diet schedules and ultimately transformed themselves into healthier and better looking individuals. I read the transformation stories on my usual fitness sites to get a boost from time to time. I mean take a look at these two examples and tell me you’re not inspired.

Ex- smoker and heavy drink – John Stone [link] and regular fat guy – Mark Irwin [link]

Music is another great motivator so get your blood pumping with some classic rock. One of my favorite workout albums is the Rocky OST collection. If ‘Eye of the Tiger’ doesn’t make you wanna get down on the floor and do a hundred push-ups then there’s something wrong with you! Basically any heavy rock music works for me but each person is different so its OK if you listen to Venga Boys or Aqua while working out but just don’t come near me.

Self Assessments:
I weigh myself DAILY! Yes, 7 days a week. Its best to do it at the same time everyday so that you get consistent conditions. Most experts says its best in the morning after you’ve woken up and voided your bowels. You have to measure your body parts as well. and make sure that your hard work is paying off.  There’s no bigger pleasure than seeing those triceps popping out when you extend your hand or seeing your calf muscles roll up into a ball of steel when you lift your heels. Use a tape measure to take regular measurements although be advised that size increases will not be as dramatic as you imagine and time is a crucial factor in these things.

Buy smaller clothes or tighten your belt:
If you’re comfortable in your loose clothes then you’ll stay comfortable forever, tight clothes will be a constant reminder that you’re too fat to fit in it. I got all my belts punched with new holes farther and farther away from the end and each time it gets loose I just go onto the next hole till its tight again.

Honest friends: If your friend is honest he would probably say something like ‘Dude your moobs (man boobs) are huge!’ or ‘Dude when was the last time you saw your own penis?’ and that in my opinion is better than some guy saying ‘oh you look great in that t-shirt’ 😀

I wish you all good health, watch this video and have a great weekend.

Proform 500F battery replacement

I’ve gone thru my second set of batteries on the elliptical machine I bought earlier this year. The previous set just lasted 6 months but it could also be attributed to me increasing my workout time to 90 minutes with maximum resistance at #7. This time I bought a set of Duracell D types so lets see how well they do.

Removing the front panel is quite easy and you just need a small size Philips head screwdriver to remove both fastening screws. Lift up the front plate and then replace all 4 batteries. Now there is a power socket on the underside of the console so this machine will work on a power adapter, which will be cheaper for me in the long run. I found the product details on the Proform website so now I’ll have to find out if Sears carries this part or I’ll have to source it locally.

Proform power adapter [link]

My new workout buddy – Proform 500F Elliptical Machine

Its been a month since we’ve had this elliptical machine and I guess now would be a good time to review it. 😛 This is the Proform 500F Elliptical Trainer from Sears, Farwaniya. The listed price was 240 KD but we got a good discount on the machine. We had also considered a Kettler CT 307 that we saw at Go-Sports in Avenues mall but we ultimately went ahead with this model.

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