Exploring the Wild

It’s been a while since I’d joined a group on a photo-shoot, so in January when some friends were out exploring the ‘wilderness’ in Kuwait I tagged along. Apparently there are a lot of bird species in places like Wafra and Abdali and several other places like the nature reserve. The group I was with, Q8Clicks, has a bunch of avid birders and they manage to get some great shots of birds on most outings.

Here’s some from my trip with them.

Tall grass 01

Tall grass 02

Tall grass 03



Close encounter

Camel herder

At the peak



Low angle

One word of advise though, if you’re gonna spend time in the desert, be sure to clean up after yourself. It’s disgusting to see the amount of garbage left behind by campers and visitors.

DSC_6020 DSC_6021 DSC_6019

Passion for Pizza


I love a good pizza, especially if its baked in a proper oven since it gives the crust a very unique texture. A friend of mine, Nasser Al Sulaihim, is so passionate about the art of pizza making that recently he actually made his own pizza oven. The oven is similar to the one I’d posted about in my Pizza Connection post but while that one was flown in from Italy, Nasser made his own oven himself!

Oven making

I’ve made a collage of the oven in its various stages of design and production and its really impressive. He’s a really talented guy and you can follow him on Instagram to see how good he is at building stuff.


Playing with Fire and Light

A couple of weeks ago, a few friends of mine arranged a night photo shoot to have some fun with light painting and long exposure shots. We headed to this abandoned building in the middle of nowhere and a brave volunteer worked his magic with just some steel wool stuffed in a whisk and swung on a chain. Here’s what I got. I loved the results and can’t wait to do some more of this.







Here’s something I tried while I was playing around with the 2 axis head on the tripod. I set the exposure to around 10 seconds and then moved the camera on X and Y axis while focused on a string of street lights. This might make a good wallpaper for my mobile phone.




There was this structure that I lit up using a flashlight and managed to get the stars in the shot as well. The yellow haze is light reflected off clouds from the street lights and just above that the stars are visible.


Towards the end of the session we played around with one of those LED key-chains and got the following samples.




While I was editing the pictures I remembered that I’d taken some similar pictures of the Fire Dancers at this year’s Sand Sculpture expo so I figured those would fit into the theme of this post. So here are some shots from the event.

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

I want to go to Vienna!

Ahmad, a friend of mine, landed in Vienna this week and has been taking some really great photos of his visit. It almost looks like hes on a different planet compared to the weather we’re experiencing here. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @almond_q8

Meanwhile in Kuwait… via @BuYousef


A Sea of Rubber

Outlander at home

Last Saturday, my friend SP and I headed out to the tire graveyard in Amgara after seeing the interesting pictures posted by Mark. The place wasn’t too hard to locate and we followed the path on route 605 till the GPS pointed us towards the compound. We parked our car near the fence and found a opening where we quickly scrambled in. The view was just breathtaking, just millions of tires as far as you can see.


Miles of tires

Peeking over the edge

Island in a sea of rubber

More pictures on my photostream [link]

We had some trouble making our way through the tires as it was tricky getting a solid foothold. We weren’t sure if we were trespassing so we got out of there in 5 mins. I’m gonna visit this place again and hopefully get some better shots.

Some of the paths leading to the compound were really tricky and had a lot of loose sand but I managed to get through it with the transmission in 4-wheel lock mode. I’d suggest visiting this place in an off-roader so that you don’t get stuck in the sand.

Offroading in the Outlander

Location on Google maps [link]

Chilling out in Kabd

I never really thought staying in Kabd would be a great experience. Up until a few weeks ago the mention of the place usually brought to my mind stories of women being kidnapped and taken there or street racers dying while attempting to breach the sound barrier in a rusty Datsun or Camry. Now that I think about it I had posted about the most dangerous places in Kuwait a couple of years ago and Kabd has the #5 spot.

Two friends of mine, VV and AKP, and I went scouting for a comfortable farmhouse for a weekend getaway and we were lucky to find the perfect spot. Rents in most of the places range from 70 KD a day to 100 KD but its up to you to bargain with the caretaker or the owner of the property. The place had all the amenities you’d find in a furnished apartment including water and gas connection and you just need to bring your own food and drinks supplies.

The farm houses are located on road 604 towards Sulaibiya and I’m surely going there again for another relaxing getaway.

Skydive Dubai

A friend of mine took his first skydive during Eid holidays in Dubai. It looks like a fantastic experience and although I’m extremely scared of heights this is something I really want to try out. The dive costs 1,750 AED (approx 130 KWD) and also includes a custom DVD with video and stills. You can see his video [here]

Skydive Dubai [website]

For first timers [link]

Recliner from Furniture Wholesale

I’ve been meaning to buy one of these ever since I saw this episode of Friends back when I was in college. My reaction on trying out the recliners in the showroom was almost the same as Joey’s and Chandler’s and I couldn’t resist not buying one. The one I bought was listed 95 KD and I got it for 85 after discount. They have a lot more models and more expensive ones but none of them have the built-in refrigerators or speakers as I’ve seen online. This is what I need for dusty weekends in Kuwait.


Jet Skiiing – activity

A couple of my friends went jet skiing on Thursday at one of the beaches along Gulf Street. You’ll find a few places along the coast near Kuwait Towers and the 24 hours McDonalds that provide skis rental. The rates are 15 KD for 30 minutes and 25 KD for 1 hour. Unfortunately I couldn’t join them as I’m still recovering from that fucking viral cold.

Light writing with the Playstation Move

A couple of weeks ago I was at a friend’s place messing about on his PS3 and it struck me that the Move controller is a good candidate as a light writing tool. I asked him to draw some shapes and try to write his initials using the device and we got some really crazy results. All the shots were handheld (since I didn’t take my tripod along with me) but I think they’re decent enough. You can see my previous post [here] to see some of the possibilities of Light Painting or Light Writing.