A Visit to Kuwait Dino Park


A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to the Dino Park Exhibition that had been operating in Mishref since March. The exhibit was in an open area behind Hall 6 in Mishref International Fairgrounds. The main attraction was about a dozen or so animatronic Dinosaur puppets that had some basic movement and sound effects.

I grew tired of it after a while but the kids had a great time and after we had seen all the dinosaurs in action they had some fun on the amusement rides at the venue. If the park is still open I’d suggest you take your young children there as they’ll get a kick out of it.

The ticket prices were advertised as 4KD but when we visited it was 2.5 KD per person and children below 3 went in free. I was also trying out a new lens and took some strategically angled photos there to avoid the cluttered background but some of them needed some photoshop manipulation as well.










Cinemagic movie nights are back again

With the weather getting more pleasant its probably a good idea to catch a movie at the rooftop cinema and plus they’re no longer charging 1KD. I wouldn’t mind paying though since its much cheaper than 3.5 KD at the multiplex. Here’s the schedule for the month of October [link]

I’m looking forward to seeing ‘The Shining’ on the big screen since I’ve only ever seen it on DVD. 🙂
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Light writing with the Playstation Move

A couple of weeks ago I was at a friend’s place messing about on his PS3 and it struck me that the Move controller is a good candidate as a light writing tool. I asked him to draw some shapes and try to write his initials using the device and we got some really crazy results. All the shots were handheld (since I didn’t take my tripod along with me) but I think they’re decent enough. You can see my previous post [here] to see some of the possibilities of Light Painting or Light Writing.

Akinator, the web genius

I get a call from a friend of mine and he tells me to think of a fictional or real character and he’ll guess who it is by asking a few questions. To cut things short he ended up guessing at least 3 of the characters I had in my mind. Then I found out that he was using this game on the web called Akinator, web genius.  I tried confusing it by thinking of Gengis Khan and it guessed Osama Bin Laden! 😀

See if you can outwit this thing. Akinator [link]

Thanks Negooshi!


Lightwriting is the art of creating abstract designs or shapes with light. Its done using a very slow shutter speed like 10 seconds or more and this creates a stream of light across the frame. My friends and I experimented with this technique and this is what we came up with..

This is how you do it;
1. setup your camera on the tripod at eye level and focus on the subject
2. use the Shutter priority mode and use shutter duration of 10 seconds or more
3. you can use the remote to release the shutter or set the timer so that there’s minimal blur
4. use a flashlight or portable light source and draw shapes in the air.