Sivamani and Stephen Devassy

Sivamani and Stephen 10

Ever since I saw Stephen Devassy perform live I’d developed a liking to his style of music and on-stage performance. So when I heard he was coming to Kuwait for another show I way trying to find a way to get tickets. Luckily a friend of mine gave me tickets to the event in Hawally park yesterday evening. Thanks James!

This was also the first time I’ve seen Sivamani performing live and the duo was pretty awesome. They played for almost 40 minutes and alternated between solos, fast and slow tracks and some highly entertaining duets. I’ve got some random clips of the night in the link below but I hope I can get my hands on the official video taken by the video crew.

Sivamani and Stephen 09

Sivamani and Stephen 08

Sivamani and Stephen 07

Sivamani and Stephen 06

Sivamani and Stephen 05

Sivamani and Stephen 04

Sivamani and Stephen 03

Sivamani and Stephen 02

Sivamani and Stephen 01

RTC Electronics – Geeks Paradise

RTC page

This weekend I need to get some work done on setting up my home entertainment systems and this involved extending some cables across the room. I asked some friends about places to get electronics supplies and one friend pointed me towards RTC in Hawally.

The shop is marked in Google maps so it wasn’t too difficult to locate it. The shop entrance isn’t too impressive when you walk in but the surprise is when you walk down the stairs to the lower level. This place is every electronic geeks wet dream as you’ll find almost anything you’re looking for.

I was mainly looking for speaker wires, connectors and cable ducts. I bought all this and more during my shopping trip there. While my bill was being prepared I took a walk around the shop and noted that they’ve got everything from DJ lighting equipment, circuit boards, hobby kits, cables etc to all the tools you’d ever want to do you own DIY projects. The only thing I didn’t get though was a flexible cable sleeve that could accomodate the thick bundle of wires that exit my entertainment cabinet. I ended up using the IKEA RABALDER that I had left from previous cleanups.

RTC is the place to go if you’re looking for electronics supplies and I’ll surely be making a few more trips there in the next few days.

RTC home page [link]

RTC Electronics Corp.
Othman St. – Al-Trayji bldg – Magazine No. 5 – 6

Apple Repair Shop – Hawally Kuwait

My daughter broke the screen on her iPod while on vacation and I was looking for  a reliable place to get it fixed. I’d remembered reading about a place in Hawally that exclusively repaired Apple products so I went there.

Apparently the whole operation is run by Chinese people, probably trained or worked at Foxconn. The Chinese lady at the reception pointed me to the service adviser, a Tamil gentleman, who informed me that it would cost 10 KD to replace the touchscreen but if there were any other components to be replace it would cost an extra 5 KD.

I left the ipod at the shop and they promised to call as soon as the work was done. I got a call a couple of hours later and the screen was as good as new and I paid only 10 KD which was not a bad deal for a touch screen replacement. A friend of mine later informed me that he had to pay them about 40 KD to get his iPhone screen replace whereas it would’ve only been 20 KD elsewhere. Maybe I was just lucky.

Also found out they have branches in Farwaniya and Mangaf so next time I won’t  have to drive all the way to Hawally.

Michael Chinese
Hawally – Bin Khaldoun street,
Al-Mulla Complex basement,
Opposite Shua’a Complex.
Hawally – 66228596
Farwaniya – 60454636
Mangaf – 66161575

Otaku Surfing at Rehab Complex, Hawally


Last weekend my brother and I were hanging around the video game and anime shops in Rehab Complex, looking for any interesting items to add to our collection. The shops that sell Anime related figures and collectibles are mostly on the ground floor and basement while there are some more shops on the first floor. You’ll also find a lot of shops selling video game consoles, games and mobiles and accessories.

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Buying Kettlebells in Kuwait

Iron and Steel

Last week I went by Kuwaiti Sports Center in Hawally to buy my own kettlebells. I don’t know if there are many places that sell these but I went there as I was told that they stock it. Kuwaiti Sports Center is located on Tunis Street right next to Best Electronics.

They didn’t have the weight I wanted which was 16 Kgs but they were available at their sister concern; Canadian Sports Center (talk about an international connection) So I paid for my weights at the first shop, collected my receipt and drove to Bin Khaldoun Street to pick them up. Canadian Sports Center is located in Khaldoun Street opposite Red Tag.

Kuwait Sports Center
Phone: 2636443
Fax: 2648224

What is a Kettlebell? Read this for more info [link]
Kettlebells and weightloss [link]
Kettlebells for explosive strength [link]


Professional Computers – Hawally

I stopped by Professional Computers today to pick up a new hard drive for my desktop. We’re using it as a media server now and with all the videos, photos and music loaded onto it there isn’t much free space now. Back in the day I’d spend a couple of hours walking around Bin Khaldoun street browsing through all the shops and comparing prices in each place but now for the past couple of years I just go directly to Professional and buy what I need from there.

They have a great collection of computer hardware and I’m sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for over there. Their after sales service is good too, I bought a Laptop and desktop from them in addition to many other components and  no complaints so far. This time around I bought a Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB drive for KD 17.500.

Professional Computers
+965 22611660/1 ext: 106/107
404, 1st Floor, Wala’a complex,
Bin Khaldoun street