Passion for Pizza


I love a good pizza, especially if its baked in a proper oven since it gives the crust a very unique texture. A friend of mine, Nasser Al Sulaihim, is so passionate about the art of pizza making that recently he actually made his own pizza oven. The oven is similar to the one I’d posted about in my Pizza Connection post but while that one was flown in from Italy, Nasser made his own oven himself!

Oven making

I’ve made a collage of the oven in its various stages of design and production and its really impressive. He’s a really talented guy and you can follow him on Instagram to see how good he is at building stuff.


DIY Wall Hangings

My wife and I were decorating our new apartment this month and we wanted a large picture as a focus point on the living room wall. I wasn’t too keen on getting one of those generic photos from IKEA or Banta so we decided to use one of my own photos.

I had two options, either get a framed canvas print or get it printed on foam-core and then make the frame myself. I’m always on the lookout for DIY projects so the latter sounded more interesting to me. I found this neat tutorial online on how to make one of these large sized pictures and mount it on a wooden frame. If you’re interested in doing something similar I’ve listed the steps on how to go about it;

1. Choose an original file. You can use a photograph you’ve taken yourself or any other source but its important that you use the original file in maximum resolution and at least 300 dpi, this will reduce the amount of pixelation in the final print. I was blowing up a picture (taken on my 5 year old Nikon D60) to 90×60 cms and and I was happy to see that there wasn’t much degradation in quality.

2. Once you’ve got the file for printing you can select between Canvas prints or Foam-core backed prints. I was already getting some prints from Artech so I preferred to let them do all the print work since I’ve dealt with them before.

frame 01

3. According to the tutorial in the link you can use wood strips to give the foam-core extra strength and rigidity. I didn’t want my frame to protrude too much from the wall so I went with a thinner wooden frame. I bought all the supplies from ACE Hardware; wood rafters/strips, sandpaper and caulk.

frame 02

4. Measure, cut and sand the wood frame to the size of your foam-core. I know a V-joint looks prettier than a simple butt-joint but it would not be visible anyway so I chose the latter method. Apply a layer of caulk to the strips and press them into place on the frame. They should set in about 30 minutes. Once the frame had bonded with the foam, I applied double-sided tape to 8 points on the frame and fixed it to the wall. I didn’t use nails or screws since the entire thing is very lightweight and I didn’t want to mess up the wall with more holes than necessary.

Including materials, this picture cost me less than 8 KD so this I guess this is a fun and cheap way to decorate your home with your very own artwork.


RTC Electronics – Geeks Paradise

RTC page

This weekend I need to get some work done on setting up my home entertainment systems and this involved extending some cables across the room. I asked some friends about places to get electronics supplies and one friend pointed me towards RTC in Hawally.

The shop is marked in Google maps so it wasn’t too difficult to locate it. The shop entrance isn’t too impressive when you walk in but the surprise is when you walk down the stairs to the lower level. This place is every electronic geeks wet dream as you’ll find almost anything you’re looking for.

I was mainly looking for speaker wires, connectors and cable ducts. I bought all this and more during my shopping trip there. While my bill was being prepared I took a walk around the shop and noted that they’ve got everything from DJ lighting equipment, circuit boards, hobby kits, cables etc to all the tools you’d ever want to do you own DIY projects. The only thing I didn’t get though was a flexible cable sleeve that could accomodate the thick bundle of wires that exit my entertainment cabinet. I ended up using the IKEA RABALDER that I had left from previous cleanups.

RTC is the place to go if you’re looking for electronics supplies and I’ll surely be making a few more trips there in the next few days.

RTC home page [link]

RTC Electronics Corp.
Othman St. – Al-Trayji bldg – Magazine No. 5 – 6

Japanese Hobby Festival 2013

This evening I swung by ACK in Mishref to get a peek at the Japanese Hobby Festival organized by PlamoQ8. The place was packed to full capacity and I was only there for about half an hour but it was a good place to be in if you’re into Japanese pop culture. The show is running today and tomorrow so don’t miss it.

I took some pictures at the event and if I get time tomorrow I might drop in to see the winners of the modelling contests.





















You can view all the pictures on my Flickr set [here]

PlamoQ8 Club – Japanese Hobby Festival

PlamoQ8 Club is organizing a hobby festival and expo on October 5th at ACK and they’ve got a variety of categories to please most Otakus in Kuwait. Events include scale model displays, Cosplay, video games and table top games. 

If you’d like to enroll for any of the events you can get in touch with them through Whatsap or call 65566046.

Monies Of The World – Monnaies Du Monde

Zimbabwe dollarOne of my colleagues is an avid Numismatist and recently I was surprised to see him receive a package from a website for 10 Billion Dollars…Zimbabwe Dollars to be precise. Then I remembered an old post from fellow blogger Kuwaitiful about how he wasn’t able to collect his currency as the courier company had classified it as a ‘restricted item’ and I wanted to know more about how he was able to score 10 Billion.

He had ordered his currency from a European website called “Monnaies Du Monde”, roughly translated; Currencies of the World. You can buy select currency from various countries and its all part of a private collection. As of now the stockist has about 2407 bank notes from 230 countries. The best part about the website is that they send the currency to you by regular mail and it gets delivered to your location in about a week. All notes come packed in a protective plastic sleeve and since then he has ordered a lot more notes from other countries.

new currencies

Monnaies Du Monde [website]

Good News for Grendizer Fans

Grendizer & Kuwait Towers - Part III

One of the first things I did when I came back to work in Kuwait in 2006 was search for places selling Grendizer. I had lost mine during the invasion and ever since then I’ve always wanted to get a replacement.

During an online search I had found out that Bou Saleh had them in stock but would cost around 200 KD for the Soul of Chogokin set. This was way out of my budget and later last year when they re-released the kit it was retailing for around 60 KD but I had other things that took higher priority and this slipped my mind completely.

Last month I happened to see that Super Robot Chogokin series was coming out with a Grendizer model and I didn’t think twice in booking my figure. Delivery starts only in June and I might get mine by July but its well worth the wait considering its a decent quality set and only costs about 12 KD. I’ve linked the kits I’ve mentioned in this post down below;

Soul of Chogokin GX-04S Grendizer & All Speizer Set [link]
Brave Gohkin Grendizer [link]
Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer [link]

The picture above is by a friend of mine, Mishari, a very talented photographer. You can see more of his work [here]

PlamoQ8 Exhibition in Kuwait

I went by this exhibition called ‘Mawahib’ at the ACK campus this evening. My reason for dropping by was to check out the stall by a hobbyist group called PlamoQ8. I didn’t know that we had a plamo club in Kuwait and thought it would be interesting to see the level of work that’s been done here.

There were a lot of great kits and painted resin models that were really great to see up close. For more pictures in higher resolution you can visit my post on [here]

PlamoQ8 on [Facebook]
on [Instagram]
on [Youtube]

1/550 scale MAM-07 Grublo

MAM-07 Grublo

I built this kit for a contest hosted by HLJ in April this year. I didn’t come in the top 3 in the intermediate category but it was a fun build nonetheless.  I used a 1:550 scale Grublo Mobile Armor from the 1979 Gundam Anime.

I started this kit thinking it would be a piece of cake since it had only two runners but things quickly changed for me.  First off I realized that I would have trouble keeping the pincers attached to the hub with just cement so I had to find a way to secure each blade to the cone. I ended up cutting off small rods from steel paper clips and drilled holes into the cone and pincer blades using my pin vice. After inserting each piece I applied a dab of thin cement and fixed it in place.

Work in progress:

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Two of my favorite guys are back

This month the Vahrevah Chef came back from a long hiatus and Mark Wallace posted a quick update about things to come on Adorama TV. These two channels are just two of many I’ve subscribed to but I eagerly look forward to both.

Adorama TV is a highly recommended channel if you’re into photography and these guys have a whole lot of resources and hosts to provide all kinds of tips and tutorials on photography. Mark Wallace is the main host, along with Brian Peterson and now it appears Gavin Howey will also be a regular on the show. Here’s the [Adorama channel]

As I’ve mentioned previously on the blog, the Vahrevah show is a non-pretentious cooking show which aims to simplify Indian and Western cooking for the average viewer and is sometimes entertaining. You can view his channel [here]