Quick Trip To Kerala

I made a really short trip to Kerala during the Eid holidays last week to attend to some personal matters.

I knew I had a tight schedule but while packing my cameras I figured I’d get some free time to go out alone but that didn’t happen.

Here’s some of the few photos I did take during the week I was there.





Another thing I found out that most of the bars in Kerala have now been shutdown due to some court order and that means getting a drink with your lunch means you’d have to go to a place that’s above 4 Stars. Quite a shame really as there are many hotels in Kerala that have a nice ambiance but the alcohol bans keeps out the clients during lunch time like this place below.

Happy Eid and a long weekend

I’m trying my best NOT to do anything for the next couple of days. I’m still recovering from a nasty cold virus so that gives me an excuse to pig out and glue my ass in front of the TV and recover my strength. Enjoy your break everyone! See you in a few days.