Hunting for Chalets in Kuwait?


A couple of nights ago a colleague of mine and I were looking for a good chalet to rent during the Eid holidays. I came across two new websites but unfortunately most of the places we called were either too expensive, 500 KD upwards or fully booked for the whole week.

The sites are easy to navigate and have a gallery for each property so that you can get an idea of the available facilities. The contact phone numbers are also listed for each property. The chalet’s descriptions are in Arabic but we got around that by using Google Translate. If you’re using Chrome you can use the built-in translate feature. The best thing about the sites was that each location is also marked on a map so that you can take the coordinates and find your way there easily. Some even have a video presentation!


Good luck finding a chalet for Eid! &

Back from Salalah!

I’m back in Kuwait after a very relaxing and much deserved break. Although I planned to do as little as possible during my stay there I ended up seeing a lot of places and even drove more miles than I do during a typical working week! There’s hundreds of pictures to go through on my camera card and some videos to upload so I’ll be spreading out my posts in a short series.

Desert Safari

A must-do in Dubai is the Desert Safari and Dune bashing. We booked our trip via Atlanta Tours and Travels. Contact Manoj on +971506864798.

Our driver came and picked us up in a black Landcruiser and introduced himself as Haitham from Atlanta tours. We took the route towards Hatta and the Omani border. Along the way we could see hundreds of SUVs and ATVs on both sides of the road. We stopped at a roadside rest stop to freshen up and for Haitham to prepare the car for dunebashing. He first deflated the tires from 31 Psi to 10 Psi so that that tires get more surface area and don’t get bogged down in the sand.

He then headed over to the dunes and immediately began showing off his skills as he deftly climbed one dune and slid down another. It was amazing to see him spin the wheel lock to lock as he navigated over the soft sand dunes. Turns out hes been doing this for the past 17 years ! Talk about experience ! I would recommend having your seatbelt fastened if you dont wanna be thrown around a lot. After 30 mins of wheel spinning action, we headed over the camp site for the next series of activities;

Camel riding,
dressing up in Arab clothes,
Sheesha or hubbly bubbly,
music and dance,
BBQ and dinner,
belly dancing,
Tanura and horse dancing.