Avees Puttu House, Alappuzha – Kerala Restaurant

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On my last trip to Kerala, my family and I were on our way to Trivandrum when we stopped at a restaurant, on the Alapuzha – Changanassery Higway, for breakfast. It was my first time there although my father-in-law is a regular visitor and he  suggested the place.

I’ll break down the blog post into shorter sections to make it easier to make it  easier to skim through.

Location : The branch that we visited was located right on the highway on your left, traveling towards Trivandrum. You can’t miss it, its got a giant ‘Puttu  Kodam and Kutti‘ that looks like a giant penis from afar. Here’s the location on  Google Maps [link]

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Interiors: The restaurant is right on the bank of a canal (or estuary? I’m not  sure) and one side of the dining area features large open windows and doors which  leads to an outdoor seating area.  There’s a mock Snakeboat inside that has tables in it and also tables around the  periphery of the boat.

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Food: Although the name of the joint implies its a place specializing in Puttu, I  ordered the Iddiyappam and motta curry as I’m prejudiced against eating puttu with traditional Kadala curry. I prefer my puttu with the regular white ones. Yeah, I’m  racist when it comes to chickpeas.

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The food was good, soft, stringy appams with the right amount of shredded coconut and the egg curry comes with two eggs per order (which is the correct number of eggs for breakfast) and was quite spicy so I had to chug down some cold water to cool off.

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I did try a little puttu and kadala curry from my wife’s plate and it was OK I guess. My kids had a little of both and although both are picky eaters we managed to get them to eat a little.

Overall I’d say the food was fine considering its a highway restaurant and most of the patrons would be people traveling across districts and looking for a decent place to sit down, recharge and then continue to their destination.

Avees 01

Added attraction: when we entered we found out that they also make their own brand of rice flour, masala mixes and even in-house ground coffee. You can pick up a few bottles of flour or spices to try out in your recipes at home.

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Avees website [link]

Quick Trip To Kerala

I made a really short trip to Kerala during the Eid holidays last week to attend to some personal matters.

I knew I had a tight schedule but while packing my cameras I figured I’d get some free time to go out alone but that didn’t happen.

Here’s some of the few photos I did take during the week I was there.





Another thing I found out that most of the bars in Kerala have now been shutdown due to some court order and that means getting a drink with your lunch means you’d have to go to a place that’s above 4 Stars. Quite a shame really as there are many hotels in Kerala that have a nice ambiance but the alcohol bans keeps out the clients during lunch time like this place below.

Thaikkudam Bridge – Live in Kuwait

I was looking forward to seeing Thaikkudam Bridge perform live ever since I saw their videos on Music Mojo. The band itself has around 14 members and they’re all on stage on various instruments and its both insane and awesome at the same time.

Their songs like Nostalgia, Illayaraja Medley and Fish Rock would be familiar to most people but on stage they had almost 3 hours of non stop numbers that varied from ethnic songs, classical Hindustani (or Carnatic? I’m not sure) and some Blues and Reggae numbers to Rock influenced tracks. Overall a very memorable experience and hope to see them live in concert again.

Thaikudam Bridge09

Thaikudam Bridge01

Thaikudam Bridge14

Thaikudam Bridge13

Thaikudam Bridge12

Thaikudam Bridge11

Thaikudam Bridge10

Thaikudam Bridge08

Thaikudam Bridge07

Thaikudam Bridge06

Thaikudam Bridge05

Thaikudam Bridge04

Thaikudam Bridge03

Thaikudam Bridge16

Thaikudam Bridge15

Thaikudam Bridge02

Happy Onam


Wish you all a Happy Onam!
If you’re a non-Malayali or even a Malayali who’s finding it difficult to keep pace with an Onam sadya you can read last year’s post on how to tackle an Onam Feast

Exploring Ezhimala Hills in Payyanur

This summer my family and I traveled to a couple of places in the farthest corners of our state of Kerala. We were attending a wedding in Payyanur in Kannur District so our stay had been arranged at Payyanur town. This is going to be a long post as I’m going to include a couple of areas in a single post to make reading easier.

Our journey started from Ernakukam and we took the day-train from Ernakulam North Station to Payyanur. The journey took a total of seven and a half hours and offered some great views of our beautiful state.

We stayed for a total of 3 days in Payyanur and since the wedding and other ceremonies only took a day, we had the remaining time to explore this new place. We had imagined the town of Payyanur to be a sleepy little place but on the contrary it was almost as busy as other major towns in Kerala state and there were a lot of shops, restaurants and establishments catering to both the locals and visitors.

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On vacation in Kerala


I’ve been busy with family matters lately and then some stuff in Kerala too so there won’t be many posts in the next couple of weeks.

If you wish to keep track of the interesting places in Kerala you can follow me on my Instagram feed

Punarjani Traditional Village – Munnar

Ok so my main PC that I use for blogging is still FUBAR so will have to use my laptop till its back to operating condition. Unfortunately I don’t have LR3 on this machine so I’m using Photoscape for processing the pictures. I’ve also compressed the two hour show into a 3 minute highlight video.

Punarjani is a cooperative venture by a group of artists based in Munnar. They’ve set up a small area near the town where they conduct shows daily. They’ve got a couple of scouts standing by the side of the road to attract tourists so you won’t miss them if you’re driving by. Our driver suggested we book our tickets on the way to the resort coz these shows usually run at full capacity.

Click ‘more’ to read the full post.

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City View Bar – Cochin

Every time I’m in Kerala I get to meet my brother and have a nice long chat over some good food and Kingfisher beer and in the process explore more new places. Read about my previous visit to the Harbor View Bar [here]. This time around we weren’t near MG Road but on the way to Kaloor we came across Presidency Hotel.

It was almost 3 o’clock when we got there and most of the restaurants were closing their lunch orders. We asked the front desk if the bar was still open and he guided us to the top floor. Once there, we had to go through a Japanese restaurant and finally walked into the bar. It looked like the bar was closed too but the friendly waiter on seeing that there was just two of us asked us to have a seat and brought the menus.

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