Playing with Fire and Light

A couple of weeks ago, a few friends of mine arranged a night photo shoot to have some fun with light painting and long exposure shots. We headed to this abandoned building in the middle of nowhere and a brave volunteer worked his magic with just some steel wool stuffed in a whisk and swung on a chain. Here’s what I got. I loved the results and can’t wait to do some more of this.







Here’s something I tried while I was playing around with the 2 axis head on the tripod. I set the exposure to around 10 seconds and then moved the camera on X and Y axis while focused on a string of street lights. This might make a good wallpaper for my mobile phone.




There was this structure that I lit up using a flashlight and managed to get the stars in the shot as well. The yellow haze is light reflected off clouds from the street lights and just above that the stars are visible.


Towards the end of the session we played around with one of those LED key-chains and got the following samples.




While I was editing the pictures I remembered that I’d taken some similar pictures of the Fire Dancers at this year’s Sand Sculpture expo so I figured those would fit into the theme of this post. So here are some shots from the event.

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Fire dancers at Remal Festival 2014

Timelapse video of Kochi

Here’s an awesome time-lapse video of Kochi at night,  made using 2300 images. The photographer is a Flickr friend of mine, Prashanth Gulfu or Gulfu as he is called by all his fans and friends. This video really shows how busy Kochi is at night and you’d think it was just another Metro city in India.

I can’t wait to go to Trivandrum on my next vacation and do a similar video on my hometown. Btw here’s a similar one I did from inside a car [link]

Here’s the HD link to the video [link]

Gulfu Photography on Facebook [link]

Gulfu Photography on Flickr [link]

Nice night

The weathers getting better now and its the perfect time to take some long exposure shots.

I shot these while on a leisurely walk on Gulf street.

Marina waves

View On Black

Hard Rock Cafe