A Visit to Kuwait Dino Park


A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to the Dino Park Exhibition that had been operating in Mishref since March. The exhibit was in an open area behind Hall 6 in Mishref International Fairgrounds. The main attraction was about a dozen or so animatronic Dinosaur puppets that had some basic movement and sound effects.

I grew tired of it after a while but the kids had a great time and after we had seen all the dinosaurs in action they had some fun on the amusement rides at the venue. If the park is still open I’d suggest you take your young children there as they’ll get a kick out of it.

The ticket prices were advertised as 4KD but when we visited it was 2.5 KD per person and children below 3 went in free. I was also trying out a new lens and took some strategically angled photos there to avoid the cluttered background but some of them needed some photoshop manipulation as well.










CAPS ON at GUST – Event

I got some information about an event happening at GUST in the coming weeks. Here’s the email they sent me;

It is a Talent Carnival, an event that will interest the following people.

1.  Photographers
2.  Artists
3.  Variety Performers
4.  Musicians.

Title :  C.A.P.S On at GUST
C.A.P.S.(Click, Art, Perform, Sing) on Carnival is being held in Gulf University for SCience and Technology, Kuwait during Dec 14-15 by the Students of GUST

This carnival will let many free lancers / organisations to advertise sell and market from their products/handwork during the carnival.

In addition we are holding an Charity fund Raise Aution of Photographs and Art work.  Anybody interested could contribute their work either Sponsored completely or Reserved.  The money raised will be contributed for a cause of Charity.

Looking forward to a whole crowd of people with talents and interested in Talented work. . Those interested may email a request for the registration form to photographyclub@gust.edu.kw  Booths are now available for limited time at a very minimal cost.

Action from the 26 hour endurance race

GulfRun Endurance19

GulfRun Endurance05
Here’s some pictures from the first ever 26 hour endurance kart race in Kuwait. We arrived a few minutes after the start of the race and the drivers in the first shift were already really pushing the limit at the corners. There were a few minor incidents but the race marshals did a good job of signalling the drivers to slow down while barricades were being fixed.

Also check race coverage from [GulfRun] , [Brake Banzeen] and [Infinite Driver]

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Rate My Q80 Rides 2012 calendar shoot


I went by the exhibition hall in Mishref last evening to check out work on the 2012 RatemyQ80ride.com calendar. They have a specific model group for each gathering and on that day it was Honda S2000s, Holden HSVs (Lumina SS in ME) and Dodge Challengers.  Next week is Supercar week hopefully. One thing about shooting in winter is that you lose a lot of sunlight by 4 :30 PM so the quicker you get your shots the better for you. I was there till sunset and then headed back home.

It was nice to see a lot of Challenger SRTs there, never knew there were so many. Speaking to strange there was a guy with his pet python the hood, yes a fucking python! And could someone please tell me if the Holden HSV is better than the Lumina SS? I mean they both have the same 6.0 V8 engine and transmission.

RatemyQ80ride [link]

Anyway check out the pictures from last night’s photoshoot.

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Mishref park

Been going to this place the past couple of weeks. Its got a nice running track and there are some exercise spots placed at certain intervals. This photograph below reminds me of the area in Bangalore where I used to live 5 years ago.