The Ridge Wallet 2.0

Ridge 3

Its been almost a year and a half since I’ve been planning this post but the only hitch was that I didn’t actually have the item in my hand to review! The Ridge wallet is a minimalist wallet that started out as a KickStarter project and it was a success so when they announced a version 2.0 I wanted to get one too. I don’t want to go into that horror story about the Kuwait Postal Service now but you can read about it [here].

Long story short, after landing in the States I thought I’d contact the company to see if I could get a discount on a second purchase since I never received the first one. The owner of the company replied and he gave me a generous discount towards my next order. How awesome is that? Thank you Daniel Kane!

So why did I need a minimalist wallet?

1. I had a bad habit of stuffing random items into my wallet and at a certain point even approached Costanza proportions.
2. My credit cards and drivers licenses were warping and a couple of cards even cracked and I had to tape them up with scotch tape.
3. The bulging wallet in my back-pocket was causing bruising and back-pain especially while driving long distances.

Ridge 1
So finally I got one and I’ve been using & abusing it over the last three months and its great! I ordered mine in Aluminium Gunmetal color with a money clip. In the box you get the wallet, a sample plastic card and the torx screwdriver. I additionally ordered the elastic inner band a set of torx screws.

So whats good about it?

Rugged and sturdy construction: Its got an Aluminium shell and I’ve been throwing it around quite a bit and its in great shape. Also the cards stay safely inside the wallet and I don’t have to worry about them falling out. The money clip is sturdy too. I don’t use paper money much but its nice to have a few dollars for emergencies. I think in the pictures I’ve got around 20 dollars in various bills.

Ridge 0 Ridge 00

Compact shape: This is what I love about it and my main reason for buying one in the first place! I have about 7 cards on an average and when I’m staying at hotels I also keep my room key-card in there too. So with 8 plastic card stuffed in it, its still slim enough to go into your front pocket and not bulge obscenely.

Safety and privacy: All my plastic cards are in perfect shape and I don’t think there is a chance of them bending or cracking in the foreseeable future. The second one is the RFID blocking, which I didn’t think much about initially but in this day and age its good to have. I tried it out at one of the hotels I was staying at recently. The RFID lock on my door didn’t register the card while it was inside my wallet so I guess this rudimentary test proves it works!

Ridge 4

Conclusion: Would I buy a second one? No, coz it looks like it might last me a lifetime and as they themselves say “This is the last wallet you’ll ever own”. Would I recommend it to friends and family? Oh yes most certainly. I don’t think I’ll go back to leather wallets after using The Ridge wallet.

You can buy them from the link below

The Ridge Wallet

Monies Of The World – Monnaies Du Monde

Zimbabwe dollarOne of my colleagues is an avid Numismatist and recently I was surprised to see him receive a package from a website for 10 Billion Dollars…Zimbabwe Dollars to be precise. Then I remembered an old post from fellow blogger Kuwaitiful about how he wasn’t able to collect his currency as the courier company had classified it as a ‘restricted item’ and I wanted to know more about how he was able to score 10 Billion.

He had ordered his currency from a European website called “Monnaies Du Monde”, roughly translated; Currencies of the World. You can buy select currency from various countries and its all part of a private collection. As of now the stockist has about 2407 bank notes from 230 countries. The best part about the website is that they send the currency to you by regular mail and it gets delivered to your location in about a week. All notes come packed in a protective plastic sleeve and since then he has ordered a lot more notes from other countries.

new currencies

Monnaies Du Monde [website]

Millionaire emails

I make a decent amount of money so I want my readers to get the benefit of this dear old lady’s generosity. Send a mail to and she’ll send you about 3.5 Million Dollars to do ‘The Lord’s work’.. Oh! too bad I’m not a religious person either 😛

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