Hungry Bunny – Old Memories


The last two weeks I’d been staying off and on just south of the border in Saudi and while I was there I found a branch of Hungry Bunny. Back in the 80s in Kuwait we just had a handful of burger joints in Kuwait and Hungry Bunny was one of the popular places. The TV ad was pretty popular too and you can see at the bottom of this post.


My first night there I ordered a Jumbo meal with Onion rings and considering I had just driven over 150 Kms that evening everything tasted great! The next couple of weeks I visited the place a few more times to try out other stuff from the menu [link]

Jumbo Bunny Burger

Burger Closeup

I don’t remember if it tasted like it used to back in the 80s but their burgers are pretty good and everyone’s favorite were the crispy Onion Rings. Prices are comparable to joints in Kuwait, with most meals are around 20-22 Saudi Riyals. 

The Hungry Bunny TV Commercial – [Youtube]
Hungry Bunny Homepage [link]

Grendizer opening song by Sami Clark

I found this video while going thru Ansam’s blog and was excited when I heard that old favorite once again. I was never aware of the singer who did the Arabic version so I did a little searching around and found a wiki on him in French. Here’s the translation;

Sami Clark Biography [link]
He was born in Lebanon in the village of el Dhour Choueir.
He sang in Arabic but also in English and won a number of international awards, as the price of Menschen und Meer Austria Mori Mori for his song that made ​​him famous. His songs are characterized by romanticism. In addition to Arabic (Lebanon) and English, he sang in Armenian, French, Italian, and Russian and is thus one of the few singers who have sung in many languages.

Sami Clark live [link]

And now the original Japanese version [link]

I found funny faces!

I stopped at a baqala the other day to buy some gum and guess what I found? Funny faces! The packaging is different from what I’ve seen before the invasion but the taste is almost the same.

There’s a website address on the packet but it doesn’t lead anywhere; [link] so I don’t know if this is the same company that made them before or if this is a knock-off, like many of the other things now in the market.