‘High’ Above Kuwait

I was cleaning up some of my camera’s SD cards when I came across some photos I’d taken a few months back. I was on a night flight bound to Kuwait and I was probably a little high either from the stopover in Dubai or the in-flight drinks so maybe that’s why I forgot I took them.

Anyhoo… the following were some of the good ones in the bunch and my favorite is the first one here, I wanted to get a clear shot of the moon but with three layers of glass separating me from the air the ghost moons were unavoidable.

Above Kuwait 01

Above Kuwait 02

Above Kuwait 03

Above Kuwait 04

Above Kuwait 05

Above Kuwait 06

Above Kuwait 07

Above Kuwait 08

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20 FPS with the GX1

Iftar Cannon 2012

Last year I had posted about my first visit to Naif Palace to see the ceremonial firing of the Iftar Cannon. During my subsequent visits I managed to get some decent shots of the flash and smoke from the barrel. This time I wanted to try out my GX1’s high speed feature at 20 frames per second.

The results were really good and I got about 40 frames in 2 seconds and I combined them all into a short video clip.

My original post about the cannon  is [here] and my post about capturing gunfire is [here]

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In case you were wondering about the camera setup;
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter: 1/400
ISO: 6400
Release: High Speed @ 20 FPS

At The Top – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

One of the things on my to-do list was visiting Burj Khalifa during my one free day and so I booked my ticket one month in advance through their website. I had timed the booking so that it would be a few hours after my flight had landed so I had time to get lunch and head straight to Dubai Mall.

If you book your tickets online you only have to pay 105 AED (approx 8KD) otherwise buying tickets at the tower itself will cost you 400 AED. Be sure to book it in advance if you know the dates you’ll be in town coz tickets sell out very quickly around weekends.

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Panasonic Lumix GX1 – My New Companion

After a long time of indecisiveness I finally took the plunge and bought myself a Micro Four Thirds System camera, the Lumix GX1. To say that this is an impressive camera would be an understatement. The GX1 packs in quite a number of features in such a small package that you’ll love it from the get go.

Now this is not an extensive review on the features of the camera itself, for that you can check out the detailed report on DP Review [link].  My first option was the G1X from Canon but then went with the GX1 as I like the freedom of interchangeable lenses. Having a compact camera with SLR-like capabilities was my requirement and this fit the bill perfectly.

Check out the size comparison below  with my Nikon D60 and 18-55mm lens.

Here’s a list of what I liked about the camera;
1. Compact size, metal body and buttons
2. Interchangeable lens options
3. Great ISO performance (check out my Geely launch and Jade Garden posts, all photos were taken in really low light)
4. Fast Autofocus
5. Four customizable function buttons
6. Responsive touch screen and easy to use menu
7. Shoots RAW + JPEG

Here’s some more information about the Micro Four Thirds platform [link]

I Heart Digitalrev – Online Shopping

Update: Thanks to Cajie for first checking out and testing the site and from the other’s experiences [here] you’ll find that the overall shopping experience has been good for all those who’ve ordered from Digitalrev

I received my Lumix GX1 yesterday that I’d ordered from Digitalrev and from my one experience I’ll say that this will be my first preference for future photography related purchases. My whole shopping experience was easy and hassle free and my package arrived in Kuwait in the safest possible way. Unlike ordering from Adorama or Amazon I didn’t need a separate forwarding address, Digitalrev will ship to your location for free!

 My order was sent out on May 30th and I received it in Kuwait on June 5th. There was only a 2 day delay in Kuwait customs. The best part was that I only paid 2 KD as clearance charges so on the whole this was a very profitable purchase.The package arrived wrapped in more than 6 feet of bubble wrap (I’m not kidding, I checked) and was packaged in such a way that it would be safe no matter what happened during shipping.

I opted for the Lumix GX1 bundle, for USD 742, which included the following;
    – Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 With G X Vario PZ 14-42mm
    – Transcend 8GB SD-HC Card (Class 10)
    – AFT HDMI cable HDMI/M to MINI HDMI/M 1.5M
    – Digitalrev DSLR Camera Gifts Package

And I paid 2KD for clearance so my total was just 210 KD. I’d highly recommend shopping in Digitalrev for photography equipment. One word of advice though, check prices on more than one site before you make a purchase since certain items like the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 is more expensive here than on other sites.

My Lumix GX1