Sarhad Restaurant – Pakistani Food

 A couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine introduced me to a Pakistani restaurant in my neighborhood and mentioned that he was a regular patron there. The restaurant was located at the beginning of the infamous Hassawi area and at first things didn’t look so good. 

The restaurant was packed when I got there and a majority of the clientele appeared to be Pakistani and Punjabi truck drivers. Since it was packed and there were people actually waiting for a table I figured there could be something special about the food here.

The most popular items seemed to be the Mutton Kheema, Tandoori Chicken and Haleem. We went there on a Thursday and that’s the only day of the week they serve Haleem. I ordered Tandoori chicken, Haleem, chicken biriyani and tandoori rotis as a takeaway order. Once I was back home I took a sample of all the items and it was clear why this place was so popular.

The chicken was perfectly grilled with just the right amount of tandoori marination and its way milder than Khyber. The chicken biriyani was not a humongous serving and would be just enough for one hungry person. There was nothing special to write about it and it was reasonable for only 650 fils. The Haleem was really thick and spiced with masalas and saffron and might be a tad too greasy for some people. I didn’t mind it as it went perfectly with the freshly baked rotis. Note that this is served only on Thursdays so be sure to get there early if you want to order a few portions.

This past weekend I went there again and bought a couple of Tandoori chickens and Dal fry. Both were really good and now this place is on my favorite list in Jleeb for Northern frontier food. Next time I’m going to try their Mutton Kheema and Mutton Karahi, both of which seem to be in great demand.

What I recommend: Haleem, Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori rotis and Dal Fry. There is always a 30 minute waiting period so just call ahead and they’ll keep your order ready for takeaway.

Sarhad Restaurant Jleeb: Telephone 24338060/61
Location Map [link]

Tangy Tandoori Chicken

I think its been a while since this blog has seen any food posts so this might come as a welcome change. I wanted to try out a tandoori recipe and I added a couple of extra touches of my own and to my surprise it was not half bad. I’m not really good at writing recipes so this is a summary;

Chicken drumsticks – the smaller the better
tandoori powder
paprika powder
lemon juice
ginger garlic paste
tomato puree’

Mix all of the above and keep it ready. Score the chicken drumsticks on both sides with a sharp knife just deep enough for the marinade to penetrate.

TIP: Sever the tendon thats at the base of each leg, this makes the meat easier to come off the bone when you’re serving it.

Rub the marinade into the chicken and leave covered in the fridge overnight. Preheat the oven top burner or broiler to 220 degrees C and place the pieces of chicken on a wire tray directly below the heat. Cook for 10 minutes and turn over. When the second side has cooked for 10 minutes brush with some olive oil and turn over, repeat the same on the other side. Continue cooking till the meat develops a slight char on its exterior. That’s the best we can do with a domestic oven since it can’t match the heat levels of a clay tandoor.

TIP: Drink plenty of beer while you’re doing all this since cooking can cause dehydration. Finally serve with more chilled beer.